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nomad is a social travel app and resort network, disrupting not just travel but lifestyle on a global scale.

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nomad engine all-in-one social travel app
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nomad puts the world at your fingertips. with our a mobile app, you can:

  • discover locally and globally explore new places and share your experiences
  • build connections with like-minded people, invite them on trips, or join theirs
  • travel easily book all your travel, accommodation and activities
  • find flexible work from paid to volunteering, all adaptable to you
  • earn tokens through bookings and reviews that you can use for new adventures
nomad engine

nomad makes cryptocurrency simple. with nomad tokens, you can:

  • earn tokens for booking or reviewing through the nomad mobile app
  • pay with tokens to book travel, hotels and activities around the world
  • save money every transfer and transaction is cheaper than paying with cash
  • access deals only available through nomad tokens
nomad engine

nomad villages are carbon-neutral resorts around the world where you can live, work, and connect.

  • affordable luxury minimalist pod rooms and suites, balancing simplicity with comfort
  • sustainable amenities gyms, coworking spaces, kitchens, entertainment areas, laundry, and more
  • reliable 24/7 high-speed internet and dedicated workspaces.
  • privacy & community enjoy the balance of privacy and community living amongst a network of like-minded nomads.
  • authentic experiences benefiting local communities and environments
nomad engine

nomad’s ai sidekick, built into the mobile app, learns about what you like to offer personalized recommendations

  • personalized companion that learns from your profile, check-ins, and reviews to suggest experiences and opportunities
  • ai trip planner plans your entire trip including travel, stays, and activities with just a few clicks, optimized around your schedule
  • simple and user-friendly while offering 24/7 real-time support and tips
nomad engine
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nomad ecosystem

$blob, our meme coin, powers the nomad ecosystem and unlocks limitless possibilities to connect the crypto universe with tangible experiences.

connecting technology to the pursuit of freedom for everyone

creating a borderless world with equal opportunities for all

a nomad lives a life of intention, not bound by convention, living every day by their choosing and embracing the possibilities of the world.

nomad coin

the rise in nomadism

the shift towards nomadism reflects a growing desire for a lifestyle unrestrained by the confines of traditional work and living. fueled by the desire for freedom, forecasts suggest up to 1 billion nomads by 2035, highlighting a critical need for suitable living accommodations that cater to this lifestyle.

as more countries begin to recognize and adapt to this shift by offering nomad visas, it's clear that the traditional boundaries of work and geography are dissolving. nomad provides the tools and connections nomads need to thrive, ensuring that freedom, community, and discovery are not just ideals but everyday realities.

nomad coin

social media x travel

social media shapes the travel industry, influencing not just where people want to travel but how they share and book their experiences. social media impacts over 70% of travel planning and booking decisions, revealing an opportunity to integrate more effectively within the travel ecosystem.

nomad transforms social media into a tool that serves your journey; creating a seamless experience that transforms how you discover, plan, and share your journeys. every interaction is designed to support you in forging your own path, providing the inspiration and information you need to explore the world on your terms.

nomad coin

mass adoption of web3

nomad simplifies access to the benefits of web3, democratizing this new digital era for everyday users as a philosophy to enhance lifestyle. your ai-sidekick is a trip planner and offers personalized recommendations that understand you—your preferences, your dreams—and make them a reality.

sharing your discoveries contributes to a collective wisdom that benefits all. through earning tokens for your contributions, nomad empowers you to live your life authentically and leave the rat race behind. this is life redefined: personalized, empowering, and rewarding, encouraging you to explore the world on your own terms.

blob tiers

nomad legend

minimum monthly balance:

50,000,000 blob tokens.


everything in nomad star + plus unlimited access to nomad resorts worldwide, 2x the points through nomad mobile app, and enhanced voting in new nomad properties and features.

nomad seeker

minimum monthly balance:

10,000 blob tokens.


access to nomad events, community, and travel offers. voting rights. early access to nomad. earn from transaction fees.

nomad dreamer

minimum monthly balance:

100,000 blob tokens.


everything in nomad seeker + enhanced offers on travel & experiences, additional voting rights, 2 standard nights free per year at any nomad resort.

nomad explorer

minimum monthly balance:

500,000 blob tokens.


everything in nomad dreamer + 7 standard nights free per year at any nomad resort, 2 deluxe nights free per year at any nomad resort, and inclusive event invites.

nomad adventure

minimum monthly balance:

1,000,000 blob tokens.


everything in nomad explorer + 14 standard nights free per year at any nomad resort, 5 deluxe nights free per year at any nomad resort, 1.5x the points through nomad mobile app.

nomad star

minimum monthly balance:

10,000,000 blob tokens.


everything in nomad adventurer + 30 standard nights free per year at any nomad resort, 7 deluxe nights free per year at any nomad resort, 1.75x the points through nomad mobile app, first access to luxury travel & experience offers, and insider access to nomad strategy discussions.

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nomad sun


phase 1 (q2/q3 ‘24)

  • blob presales
  • community building
  • nomad mobile app development

phase 2 (q3/q4 ‘24)

  • beta launch of nomad mobile app
  • blob public sales
  • nomad token development

phase 3 (q1/q2 ‘25)

  • partnership integrations & mobile app testing
  • nomad token presales
  • events & VIP access for blob & nomad holders

phase 4 (q3 ‘25)

  • public app store launch
  • nomad token public sales
  • voting & development of first nomad village
nomad plane


Token Supply: 100,000,000,000

the nomad ecosystem is animated by two unique digital assets: the nomad token and blob.

blob is the governance token of the nomad ecosystem. holding blob grants users a voice in the development of nomad, redistribution of fees, and first access to the nomad ecosystem. the nomad token is the currency of choice within the nomad platform, facilitating transactions, bookings, and rewards.

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